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'In too many cases, we bolt new technologies on top of current learning tools in the standard learning environment, which effectively means we give our kids a thousand-dollar pencil.'             Alan November    

Welcome to engageICT. We are passionate about the ways in which educational technology can transform learning in the classroom, for both the student and teacher. Digital learning environments are the key to addressing what may be called the “three C’s” of learning today. 21st century students are required to be sophisticated consumers, interpreters and users of content. Our schools need to teach them to:

• Consume (read and interpret text and imagery)
• Collaborate  (share what they’ve learned and work with others to extend their knowledge)
• Create  (demonstrate understanding by synthesizing and using higher-order thinking and creativity skills to build new content)

This website is designed to provide the latest information, resources and advice about the use of technology in the classroom.


Our workshops are designed to provide not only the best face-to-face experience possible, but also ongoing support once you are back in your school. Check the upcoming workshop schedule here.
A monthly newsletter will be sent out to all people who attend one of our workshops, and / or signs up as a member of this site. This newsletter will provide further ongoing support in the way of interesting articles, hints and tips, and ideas you can use in your school.

We look forward to meeting you at a workshop, or online!


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